Friday, April 11, 2008

Despising Hulk Hogan: A Retrospective

Over the years, Arabian Facebuster has compiled a "go to" list of sports entertainment luminaries to inspire reliable, top notch, grade A, prolific blog fodder. This list includes the likes of "The Dastardly Defecator" Randy Orton, Jeff "Rag O' Jizz" Hardy, Bobby "Guy" Lashley, (the yet to be realized) Big Gay Viscera, the cast of the short-lived, ill-fated serial Wrestle Society X, and of course perpetual trainwreck and ruiner of an upcoming weekend for Pencil Neck Geek, Chyna.

Thank you all.

But not a one of them comes close to matching the disdain, mockery, invective, visceral odium, and righteous indignation -- not to mention precious staff energy, time, and brain power -- that Arabian Facebuster has directed towards Hulk Hogan, his minions, and the man's every vain thought or selfish action.

What started off as a screed against the Hulkster's shallow and contrived patriotism followed by a caustic, irrefutable exhumation of the man’s leathery skinned, chrome domed jihadist's culpability in the deadliest terrorist attack ever on American soil has morphed into a cathartic, collaborative, and persistent airing of grievances.

For those either new to the Arabian Facebuster project or that only stop by intermittently, a complete list of reasons why we do and you should despise Hulk Hogan -- in numerical order, to boot! -- is available below.

Reason #: 3; 3:16; 4; 5; 7; 9; 15; 17; 34; 37; 95; 100; 104; 113; 148; 163; 163a (corollary post); 209; 225; 242; 243; 248; 956; and Unnumbered.

Of course, this litany of gaffes and transgressions merely scratches the surface of our contempt for this man, his family, his friends, his fans, and whomever is responsible for dressing him like a mannequin in the boys department at J.C. Penney's. But there is a lot of ground that has yet to be covered. Rest assured, Arabian Facebuster will continue to document and disseminate this man's pomposity and preposterousness as our resources permit.

Thank God for the mathematical concept .

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