Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Styles Clash!

Dave Meltzer is reporting that, effective immediately, Joey Styles (seen here on his way to the unemployment office) has been replaced as the play-by-play man for ECW by *wait for it...wait for it* Mike Adamle.

While the decision to swap out announcer who actually knows the difference between say an Asai moonsault and a standing corkscrew shooting star press (let alone between a side headlock and a turnbuckle) with one who stammers over the acronym of his employer and whose favorite sports entertainer is the "Raybro Chored Wearier" Jest Harvey is perplexing, it is not surprising seeing how Vince McMahon prefers to hire non-in-ring personnel for his pro wrestling company that have little-to-no knowledge of, historic appreciation for, passion towards, or previous experience in pro wrestling.

That settles it, since Secrets Talents of the Stars has been canceled, I'm tuning in to ECW on Sci-Fi this evening to see how this ill-advised and undeserved promotion pans out. And for the chipper, wholesome, and congenial exploits of that Kofi Kingston fellow.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Ugh. What's Todd Pettengill up to these days?

Malibu Sands said...

So far Adamele has uttered the following:

Re: Kofi Kingston "Jamaican me crazy."

Described a dropkick as a "high kick."

Immediately after the pinfall victory for Punk, Kingston, etc. in the opening 8 man schmoz, "Uno, dos, adios."

Unfortunately, I'll have more soon.

Malibu Sands said...

Mike Adamle compels me at this point to put Michael Cole in the announcing pantheon alongside the likes of Solie, Caudle, Russell, Matysik,and Ross. Ditto Don West. Here's a couple more choice Adamleisms for your bemusement:

"They're on their feet here in London for Tommy Dreamer" as the camera shows a shot of the lower bowl crowd collectively seated.

Trying to read off the teleprompter before throwing it to the back for a Miz/Morrison interview, he forgot to include/pronounce the "E" in "WWE."

Unfortunately, he's going to need to step up the mediocrity over the next few weeks if he wants us to forget about his Jest Harvey gaffe!

Craig DeGeorge must be turning over in his grave at this abomination.

Apollo Spas said...

This is a dilemma I encountered while watching Lockdown: if the product is bad enough, you actually find yrself hoping it will get WORSE so you can laugh at it. If ECW were better, this tool would really bother me... but I love him the same way I love Curry Man.

Is schadenfreude supposed to make yr chest hurt?