Friday, April 04, 2008

Why We Watch, Exhbit D.2

Not unlike a certain deranged contemporary philosopher's foray into the seedy world of used car sales, Arabian Facebuster has unearthed this gem, featuring yet another disreputable and washed up --yet dapperly attired -- superstar who has control over neither the volume nor inflection of his own voice while shamelessly hawking goods and services over the local airwaves.

What does the Portland Office know of this orange tinting, leather skinning enterprise?


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Ah, Tan Down Under. Excellent find Malibu. I know there is still one out on Mill Plain Blvd. in The 'Couv (Vancouver, Washington for out of towners) and maybe a couple left in the deep East side. Driving by one of these always triggers memories of Billy Jack's maniac rantings. I guess part of me expects him to be marching down the sidewalk giving out free tan coupons dressed in nothing but USA Hammer pants and his trusty hat. I'm sure that Mr. Haynes' current lifestyle is actually far less glamorous.

I remember this commercial being on in the mid-90's, although sadly its production values are more of a 1983 vintage. I haven't seen it air in a while, which makes me doubt that Tan Down Under can still make good on their claims of "fresh bulbs" and "always clean".

Bonus- Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs!

City of Poses said...

Billy Jack used to come into my OTB all the time to bet on greyhounds. He was a nice, unfailingly sweet and considerate man...until you fucked with his bets. One guy got straight-up paintbrushed by BJH for mouthing off to him. No one 86'd Billy Jack though. No one was going to fuck with the man.

He quit coming in after he caught me watching RAW.