Saturday, April 26, 2008

The World Isn't Nice

The government just handed down their judgment on poor ol' Wesley Snipes, and it seems our man is getting three years in the Federal Pen for failure to file his tax returns. Considering how recently I filed my own taxes, and not wanting to court an audit or anything, I'll keep my fool mouth shut about the verdict. Suffice to say, we'll miss Mr. Snipes and his unique brand of onscreen panache.

The above clip is from Blade: Trinity, perhaps the most interesting entry in Mr. Snipes' filmography for readers of th' Facebuster. While Blade 2 (an articulate discussion of its merits is found here) is probably a superior film, its sequel delivers on all the most basic levels: Triple H as a musclebound vampire goon, Parker Posey as an evil sexpot vampire, comedian Patton Oswalt as "weapons guy", an adorable Pomeranian as "vampire dog," and Jessica Biel's abdomen as itself.

I'd like to urge the Facebuster faithful to revist these cinematic gems. It seems like Wesley will be needing all the royalty checks he can get.

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