Friday, April 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks for the Memories!

It looks as if CBS's pitiful entry in the celeb-reality programming sweepstakes, Secrets Talents of the Stars, has gone the way of the dodo bird, the Yugo, New Coke, the American Wrestling Association, and the last vestiges of Hulk Hogan's dignity and morality (see the post below for a more fully developed explanation). Lazily copied and pasted in full from which takes a refreshing condescending and mocking tone in imparting the program's premature demise:
After a single episode, CBS canceled its reality show Secret Talents of the Stars. If you were among the lucky 4.6 million who tuned in, you saw an actor from Star Trek sing "On the Road Again." Clint Black did standup. The singer Mya tap-danced. And people turned away in droves. The sudden cancellation means we'll never see a future episode showing Danny Bonaduce's talent.
Alas, we will never get to witness Ric Flair's salsa dancing exploits, unless of course one of us happens to be at a night club or social function that is being graced by Flair's presence. Looks like its back to sleeping in late, spending more time with his family, consoling affable Christian zealot Mike Huckabee, and/or overseeing the expansion of his virtual financial services empire for the "Nature Boy."

As for George Takei, it looks like he'll be going back to his old job...being William Shatner's bitch.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

I can count myself among the lucky 4.6 million who tuned in. The Nature Boy would have had a tough time topping Takei's rendition of "On the Road Again" (which I really hope resurfaces as an MP3 on WFMU).

Too bad the new career direction didn't pan out. Ric, there always room for you and your sleeping bag on Apollo's floor!