Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dusty Rhodes: Walrus Done Wrong

Random Great American Bash clip Friday continues, Facebuster nation (alright, Wednesday, but I'm going to be on vacation over the next few days, intensively practicing my uniting towel waving in order to build up the necessary right wrist and forearm endurance to participate this year's rendition of synchronized pointlessness and wanted to throw something up Bash related for yr consideration)!!! As members of the Facebuster Sexy Action News Team witnessed firsthand (on tape) thanks to the video cassette recorder troubleshooting prowess of one Rev. Von. Fury and through the Macanudo filled haze of the Shilo Inn-Portland Airport cigar lounge at last year's Staff Conference and Fan Conclave, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes captured his third NWA World Heavyweight Title by defeating "Nature Boy" Ric Flair at the 1986 Great American Bash card in Greensboro, NC.

This was the payoff to Dusty's nearly three year quest to take the gold off of Flair's waste that, up until that fateful July Saturday night, had come up short each time, thwarted largely due to outside interference from the Horsemen and/or Dusty's questionable decision to book screw job, ref bump heavy "Dusty finishes" in his own title matchups.

Instead of putting up a segment from that overrated contest for you to snooze through, I thought it better to skip ahead a few weeks to August, 1986. My friends, there was no post-Bash hangover to speak of for the National Wrestling Alliance; just more hot rasslin' action, molten crowds, and compelling storylines. In fact, as you are about to see, the Flair/Horsemen-Rhodes rivalry continued to escalate. Flair had a regained the title in St. Louis a few weeks before and was about to take ownership to another of Dusty's prized possessions in Charlotte...the orifices of the tuxedo clad blond bombshell Baby Doll (I betcha' thought I was going to say Dusty's Old Country Buffet frequent grazer card. Sorry to disappoint you all, but here at Arabian Facebuster we don't take cheap shots on people for their corpulence, or for that matter their baldness, incompetence, failed business ventures, addictions to drugs or alcohol, insanity, senility, loss of bowel control, or complete lack of rasslin' competence).

Joined in progress, this was originally broadcast on the NWA's syndicated Pro Wrestling program, as evident by the yellow ring apron and the broadcast tandem of Bob Caudle-Johnny Weaver.


Oh, and for those inclined to sit through about two minutes of ring introductions and another sixty seconds of watching Flair bump all over the ring to put over Dusty's decidedly non-slender offensive outburst to get to the initial Baby Doll provocation, go here.

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