Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What In The World Have We Here...

Larry Nelson:

(a) Seems far less impaired than he should after spending the last ten hours chugging Schmidt's beers and snorting rails at Jukebox Saturday Night;
(b) Perceives "Jammin'" Mitch Snow's confident predictions of TV Title tournament glory and $7 haircut as the lowest, most underhanded form of cock blocking;
(c) Privately takes umbrage to the nickname "Hairy Larry";
(d) Wishes that the AWA wardrobe department would allow him to swap out that blazer for a two-toned jean jacket...just like the one worn by "The Jammin' Man"; or
(e) Is about 90 minutes (or five beers and two tooters in Larry time) away from bedding that powdery skinned, rosy cheeked cabin fatty, thereby begining an enduring, 20+ year relationship with the herpes simplex virus.

Vote and discuss.


M-dubb said...

Don't know much about "Hairy Larry" but I know something about "Vader Wilma."

Malibu Sands said...

Did you find us by googling "Randy Randy Pinksy"?

If you didn't, give it a try...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


M-dubb said...

As a matter of fact I had lunch with the infamous RRP last week and he told me that's exactly how he found you guys! Quite a spread you guys got going on here! The writing is exquisite...