Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Great American Bash Clip Friday Continues!

Here at Arabian Facebuster, we've done our darnedest to chronicle the various dastardly exploits of the contingent of Soviet grapplers that seemingly came in droves to this country's polluted and eroded shores in the mid-1980s. From Soldat Ustinov's Pearl Harbor job on Baron Von Raschke's reflective noggin and enviousness of the Baron's army surplus store (or alternatively, northwoods country motif) chic blazer, to Korchenko's minty minty grievances with the concept of televised professional rasslin' and in turn the obligations required of him, to Ivan Koloff's penchant for bashing his cranium into a bloody pulp via his own Russian chain.

It's time to add the Ric Flair-Nikita Koloff enmity from the Summer of 1985 -- which featured an epic confrontation for the NWA World Title at the inaugural Great American Bash in Flair's hometown of Charlotte, NC -- to the list. While the embedded video does a sufficient job explaining the back story of this feud, permit me to yammer on for a bit. Flair was a bit of tweener in 1985 (I'm not sure if that's because he being challenged and attacked by a Soviet heel or because of reasons/circumstances prior to this feud) while Koloff was a powerful, athletically gifted, volatile, ruthless, ambitious, seemingly unstoppable rookie monster under the tutelage of his uncle Ivan Koloff.

Highlights of this segment, which I believe was culled from Pro Wrestling Illustrated's (PWI) heavily clipped "Ringmasters: Great American Bash" video tape (made available for both VHS and BETA systems) include:
(1) Nikita gearing up for his match by practicing his Russian Sickle on an 8'X10' glossy of Ric Flair in a dapper three piece suit!;
(2) David Crockett taking a particularly viscous looking Sickle;
(3) Flair street fighting Nikita in a pair of Dockers;
(4) Bill Apter's ignorance in equating the concept of diplomacy with two guys climbing into a rasslin' ring to beat the holy hell out of each other;
(5) Playing a Steve Albini produced/recorded demo of Fugazi's "Cassavetes" at exactly the 2 minute mark of this clip to accompany the match montage instead of the preselected/default soundtrack.

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