Friday, July 17, 2009

Bob Giegel: Reprimand This

Submitted for yr consideration in this week's installment of Random Great American Bash clip Friday, the origins of Magnum T.A.'s feud and best of seven series for the NWA U.S. Title against "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff during the 1986, 14 city installment of the Bash.

A few observations and opinions from the proverbial bloody pulpit:

:10 -- Don't let David Crockett and Tony's Schiavone's matching cream blazers distract you, for David is explaining the incident that led up to the face to face meeting between soon to be stripped US Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA and NWA President Bob Giegel (think Jack Tunney but with 50% more competence and the ability to be filmed in a non-seated manner during his proclamation making, decree ordering, and reprimand issuing segments), namely an altercation at a contract signing between TA and Koloff that ended up with Magnum attacking and eventually getting his ass kicked by Nikita and uncle Ivan after they insulted Magnum's sweet ol' mother.

:40 -- Who is that dweeb in the tuxedo? And is it just me, or is that a really teeny bow tie? Or an impressively strapping cumberbund?

1:00 -- Giegel demonstrates the poise, decisiveness, and gravitas required of the NWA's highest officeholder by reading briskly through a prepared statement.

1:12 -- Magnum T.A. can act circles around Magnum P.I./Tom Selleck.

1:58 -- Reprimand This (Wham!): Magnum's Revenge. Bob Geigel gets his comeuppance for acquiescing to Soviet aggression. Truly a cathartic moment for motor cycle ridin', blue jeans and cowboy boots wearin', mulleted, patriotic righteous white trash everywhere.

2:45 -- Oh, snap. Reprimand That: Giegel's Revenge.

2:51 -- David Crockett's insufferable elated friskiness has been replaced with a sense of idyllic forlornness.

3:25 -- In this correspondent's expert opinion, Nikita's Russian accent is about 85% less authentic and credible than Korchenko's.

3:52 -- A Jim Crockett, Jr. sighting!! So dynamic. So hungover looking. Please also file this segment under the "Yr Old Skool Promoter of the Week" series.

4:30 -- Ivan Koloff is outraged with Crockett's edict and kills time ranting and raving about nothing of particular significance.

5:05 -- And we're out. To paraphrase the most compressed mustache in the history of our sport, see you next week, FANS!


The Rev. von Fury said...

Viciously executed neck punches on your boss and chest hair.

2 things you never see anymore in wrestling.

goddamdirtyhippie said...

Every time I lay eyes upon Magnum, I'm convinced "TA" stands for "Takesitinthe Ass."