Friday, November 19, 2010

Reason #62 to Despise Hulk Hogan

Why does Hulk Hogan have such an insatiable appetite to scam, fleece, and gouge the consumer?!? First, he spends years stinking up the ring and silver screen and, in the process, lining his pockets with our hard earned dollars outlaid in pay per views and tickets. Then, he touts the easy money, unfavorable terms, high interest and penalties business model of Next, after months of legal wrangling, he finally settles his frivolous Cocoa Smashdown lawsuit, compelling Post to raise prices on all of its cereals in order to compensate for the lost earnings.

The Hulkster's latest swindle: Extolling the virtues of Rent-A-Center and its corporate philosophy of having consumers pay a ridiculously inflated markup for the privilege of renting a television, computer, or kitchen appliance with the possibility of taking ownership of said item, at the very point when either its warranty expires or has become obsolete. Oh Brother, indeed!

One thing I don't understand: Why is Rent-A-Center advertising renting to own a TV? Chances are, if you need to rent a TV, you don't have a TV, which means you wouldn't see the commercial in the first place?!?

Just an observation.

Please also file this post under Reason #17 to Despise Troy Aikman.

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