Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bear Witness

Arabian Facebuster jumped the stark when:

(a) The WWE disregarded their demands for a bigger, gayer version of the Viscera character.
(b) Hulk Hogan no longer needed their assistance in revealing and validating his egomaniacal, shameless albeit shameful self-promoting, sleazy, and serpentine like nature.
(c) Randy Orton ceased evacuating his stool in objects other than a toilet bowl.
(d) Buck Zumhofe attempted to hang himself with the clip on tie they mailed to him; the very tie that was the Facebuster's only hope of gaining YouToo eminence and notoriety.
(e) Malibu Sands was the only regular/ongoing blog contributor remaining.
(f) The Undertaker stopped calling.
(g) They uploaded a clip of Tracy Smothers wrestling a grizzly bear to a time limit draw with Gordon Solie delivering a monologue of the loquacious variety about the bear species' innate acumen for executing rasslin' holds and thirst for competition.

I vote for choice "F."

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