Friday, November 19, 2010

A Revealing Friday Night Videos...

Facebuster Nation: I have confession and revelation of the shocking variety to make. After last Friday night's inexcusable drubbing and at the hands of Bull Fernandez and Rick Rude, neither Randy or Bill Mulkey can no longer be considered my favorite professional rasslin' jobber. Rather, that awesome honor is now bestowed on one RANDY HOGAN, more for his mockery of Hulk Hogan what with his chromed dome and blond crop duster mustache than for his actual selling and bump and punishment taking abilities.

Hogan's tag team partner -- a piece of dirty, dirty white trash that goes by the name Keith Steinborn -- is no slouch either when it comes to bearing a striking resemblance to other grapplers (think: Dutch Mantell) or putting over the offensive arsenal of the opponents: An ebony and ivory great big fatso tag team combination called The Commandos. Jim Ross and Bob Caudle narrate the action, which took place on the NWA's syndicated Pro Wrestling program circa late 1988/early 1989.

I must admit that I do not remember The Commandos, they must have had just a 2 to 3 week run with the promotion, possibly to fill out The Bunkhouse Stampede battle royal roster. After watching them compete, I think you'll agree the NWA brain trust was wise to cut bait.

Before you click play, be forewarned: Minus a very famous Randy Savage-Hulk Hogan spot executed to perfection by Ebony Commando-Randy Hogan at the 2 minute mark and the finishing splash of racial harmony, the rather plodding, repetitive, and unexciting nature of The Commandos makes this 3 minute squash feel a bit tedious. Therefore, this clip is best watched in the illustrious Friday Night Videos tradition...inebriated beyond any capacity for rational thought, sound judgment, even temperament, or complete and coherent sentence formation with a ravenous cabin fatty at yr side smothering yr style and engulfing yr space.

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