Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Back in the Saddle Again

After about 30 seconds of research and planning, I have decided to bring Friday Night Videos back into the Arabian Facebuster fold for the month of November.

I apologize for springing this on you without warning and realize that you might be a case of cheap beer, stack of Bu$ted Papers, and 100 stones of cabin fatty short for maximum rasslin' enjoyment.

For this week, try to make the best out of it.

The snow on the ground notwithstanding, this action likely emanates from the southeastern United States sometime in the mid-to-late 1980s. The promotion: Possibly the ICW; not to be confused with the IPW. The match: "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol, whose lack of presence and inclusion in this Arabian Facebuster Project speaks more to my negligence than to his worthiness as a catalyst for compelling blog fodder, taking on tireless public library advocate and anti-teenage drinking crusader Ox Baker.

The wrestling itself is in the World's Worst Worker pantheon of sloppiness and fakery, more so due to Baker's deteriorating health, expanding waistline, lethargic movement, and geriatric status than the talents and effort of The Universal Heartthrob. But before more spots can be botched and punches pulled, Kevin Sullivan and The Purple Haze (Mark Lewin) hit the ring to put us out of our misery.

BUT WAIT!!! Black Jack Mulligan's sparring partner, on-again off-again gay lover, and 1/2 of the greatest suicide PSA tag team ever assembled Jumpin' Joe Savoldi has joined the fracas. And wouldn't you know it, he is a HOUSE OF FIRE of the southpaw and high flying variety.

The ring announcer dressed in a red sequin jacket, horrible arena acoustics/indecipherable pre-match interview, tubby referee, plethora of unoccupied folding chairs, and smattering of red necks both in the ringside area and in the parking lot only serve to enhance the sordid and rather sorry spectacle.

Or as it's referred to as in the ICW: Total Mayhem.

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Jason Mann said...

I'm guessing this might be Knoxville in the early 1980s. Ox Baker looks a few years younger than he did later in the 1980s in AWA. I know Knoxville often used the same talent as the Pensacola/Alabama territory, and both territories were owned by the Fullers at one point, I'm pretty sure.