Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11th Hour Entry

Although our search for the next World's Worst Worker is winding down, last minute enteries into this sweepstakes of atrociousness and talentlessness abound.

The latest nomination: Any and all six-man tag team contest where The American Starship spend the bulk of the match on the apron, apply only their vice like headlock maneuver during their brief tenure in the ring, defer to great big fatsos like The Assassin Number 1, The Super Assassin, and Zambouie Express members Kareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem to carry the action, and leave the crowd in a decidedly non-electric or frenzied state. David Crockett's rather flat affect and lack of amazement, preoccupation, and infatuation with the raw power, chiseled physiques, and tandem shirtlessness of Eagle and Coyote tells the story.

We'll be announcing our winner next week in a contrived, self-congratulatory 60 minute video special entitled THE DECISION. To paraphrase David Crockett in giddier and bi-curious times, we hope that you WATCH IT!!!!

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