Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Malibu Sands: Flip Flopper

Facebuster Nation, yours truly Malibu Sands has been a proponent of suicide as the preferred solution for circumventing the inevitable frustrations, disappointments, uncertainties, unfulfilled expectations, and wasted potential that is life for approximately 99.95% of the earth's population...until I saw the clip above, the most white fucking hot (specifically, the part where Black Jack Mulligan is mounting Joe Savoldi from behind) PSA since Riptide's Perry King cautioned this country's impulsive and easily enraged young people that a misunderstanding over an accordion recital is not a sufficient reason to plot the rape, murder, and mutilation of one's parents.

To our readership, all 12 of you, if you are ever contemplating doing the deed, for gosh sakes, call a friend, call a priest, call a samaritan. But please do not call the good samaritans of Arabian Facebuster unless its during regular business hours. We don't go around soliciting you at home. It's called common courtesy.

To sum up: Suicide - I was for it before I learned that Black Jack Mulligan and Jumpin' Joe Savoldi were against it.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

I'll have to remember to have this clip handy the next time I watch a great Kahli match.