Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Happens When Wrestlers Don't Cooperate?

This clusterfuck right here.

Rocky Mountain Thunder (who?) vs. The Surfer (huh?) from the AWA, early 1988.

If you click "Play" NOW:

1. You'll get the AWA's A-Team for absolutely putrid announcing, Rod "Body Smash" Trongard and Lee "1-800 Collect Road Report"Marshall (it's a damn shame we don't get a shot of the mullet Lee was sporting during this period on camera) calling the action, with my man crush offering up the introductions. I think this quote from Trongard regarding the fashion choices of Mountain Thunder a little over a minute in supports my point: "It looks like he's wearing Levi's along with uh, that, uh, undershirt type top that he has." It's truly a remarkable achievement when one can make the imbecilic albeit succinct observations of Mike Adamle seem insightful.

2. You'll get quite possibly the lamest jobber character/gimmick of all time, The Surfer. Give me The Brooklyn Brawler, the back patting antics of Barry Horowitz, or The Ding Dongs any day.

3. You'll get both the debut and farewell match of Rocky Mountain Thunder, who looks to some speed dealer that Verne probably plucked from a biker bar well off the Vegas strip and promised a push to in hopes of reversing dwindling live attendance, boosting TV ratings, and a generating some sort of buzz around his in-ring product. After viewing this match, it could be argued that Rocky did the latter, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

4. Expounding on that point, you'll get a look at one of the most egregious botched spots I have ever witnessed at about 2 minutes in.

5. And as a bonus, you'll get a glimpse as to what would turn out to be the hottest fashion accessory of 1989...a white string to hold your pants up.

Please also file this post under "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Great Worker, or the Greatest Worker?"


The Rev. von Fury said...

I would like to know how in the flaming fuck this abortion continued beyond that 2 minute mark.

I think the Surfer will now be known as Bob. As in Bob, his name when he is in the Ocean. As in Bob, he no longer has use of his arms and legs whilst trying to swim.

the rev.

Brett said...

Even though this debut appearance of RMT was indeed an abortion, this would NOT be the last appearance of him either. This was shown on the 4/2 episode of AWA Championship Wrestling and would continue to work for the promotion until late August with his last ESPN TV appearance on 8/13. Just goes to show how desperate Verne must have been to have "decent talent" in the AWA.

Burrellfan1 said...

You guys are so wrong. The Surfer was pinned just when he was getting comfortable in the ring. If it was best of three falls, the Surfer would have won the match. The Surfer was a cool dude. Hang Ten!