Monday, May 05, 2008

So Sorry...

It has just been brought to my attention that I mistyped the link to Miss Bissoux's blog in our "points of interest" section. For this, I deeply apologize. This, children, is what happens when one attempts to edit one's blog while profoundly hammered.

Anyhoo, the error has now been corrected, and I urge all th' faithful to advance posthaste to the Bunny Bissoux website. Further, it's well worth checking out every goddamn link on her page. From the crafty genius of the Wonder League Massive (Rev. von Fury, I think yr lady might dig some of the costume work they feature) to the intricate Andrew WK-related conspiracy theories at Steev Mike, it's a non-stop internet goldmine!

So, sorry again for the typo. I suck a little bit.


- Bunny Bissoux - said...

Thanks again for more gratuitous promotion, well done. You should reward yourself, go microwave yourself a nice tasty hulkaburger:

I bet you yanks haven't eaten this good since pastamania.

Malibu Sands said... burger looks so delicious.

Malibu Sands said... it doesn't. Damn you Hulk Hogan!