Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Return of Brandi Mae!

Back in that magical summer of 2008 -- pre-2nd Annual AFSC&FC and post-fulfillment of my six plus weeks of recapping Mike Adamle's tenure of idiocy during ECW on Sci-Fi's tenure of idiocy -- Arabian Facebuster introduced its Facebuster Nation, all six of you, to Brandi Mae: lady friend of Rocky Mountain Thunder, abysmal worker formerly known as the Farmer's Daughter in Rev. von Fury's beloved GLOW promotion, and unlearned hillbilly trash embodiment who made a certain barefooted, gunny sack carrying, spot botching phenomenon's two month or so reign of jobber terror in the AWA feel like Bruno Sanmartino's near eight year stranglehold on the WWF Title by comparison...

...or if you prefer, replace my Bruno equivalency with "the duration of time between the commencement and conclusion of Larry Nelson's most recent drinking binge aka September 8, 1984-present."

Much like Mae's AWA tenure, these two clips are ephemeral and worthless, yet still worth exploring because of: (1) Brandi Mae's uninspiring and unconvincing babyface persona; (2) Brandi Mae's porn star good looks; (3) Closely related, Brandi Mae's proclamation that she "takes on big things" (hey-oh!) in the first video; (4) Lee Marshall's adaptation of the tuxedo contrasted with Brandi Mae's seasonal Canadian version; and (5) Lee Marshall's lecherous interview style and up-close look at his feathered and plushly textured mullet and his right angle haircut (follow the hair from the top of his ear and look where it meets with the hair going down the side of his forehead).

Trust me, I pressed my protractor against the monitor and measured it myself.


Malibu Sands said...
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Malibu Sands said...

One suggestion: Watch these clips separately first. Then play then simultaneously/in unison. While I assumed they were filmed at the same TV taping based on Brandi Mae being attired in the same Canadian tuxedo and Lee Marshall's mullet being of the same length and thickness, I am convinced they filmed these mini-interviews back to back, one right after the other.

You be the judge.