Friday, May 14, 2010

Buck Zumhofe: Don't Quit Yr Day Job

What a week its been for yrs truly Malibu Sands, and by extension da Facebuster! First, I discover that the clip of Scott Hall prodding a quiescent gator has made its triumphant return to YouToo. Next, I come to find that there is the possibility of a Fourth and 1/2 Annual AFSC&FC occuring this summer in northern Idaho...under the pretense of a poorly attended Tea Party Convention so as not to draw unwanted attention of the locals on our affable, tolerant, non-reactionary, and thus most certainty unpatriotic doings and views. Then, I learn that Bu$ted Paper has established an outpost and presence in the Twin Cities metropolitan area! The topper: A great big steaming pile of American Starship.

How could things get any better? Five words.

Buck Zumhofe. In concert. Again.

The footage in question emanates from The Sportsman's Lodge Bar and Grill in Birchwood, Sconnie (not to be confused with The Sportsmen's Lodge and Family Resort in Hayward, Sconnie) circa 2006 and features an unkempt albeit by no means malnourished or under served Rock and/or Roller bellowing out a barely decipherable and-- for any and all purposes not directly pertaining to Arabian Facebuster -- unlistenable cover of "Blue Suede Shoes" along with a raucous Northwoods musical troupe cleverly dubbed Tipsy McStagger.

Unfortunately, much like the Rock and/or Roller's skin, this YouToo footage is kind of grainy. And the sound quality is kind of poor. Not unlike Buck's in-ring capabilities and current financial situation. ZING!

Enjoy this singular live performance. And as for the subsequent pain, dizziness, and loss of equilibrium and you are experiencing, that's from your ruptured ear drums. Seek professional medical attention immediately.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

I pledge to watch to watch the Gator Scott Hall clip every hour on the hour until it is removed again. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Tom Magee and American Starship introduced within the span of 2 weeks- a banner month here at Arabian Facebuster!