Friday, June 13, 2008

Rocky Mountain Thunder: Delightful Man

It's time for another generous helping of Rocky Mountain Thunder. In this installment, Dr. Thunder, accompanied by tractor trash Brandi Mae, squares off with something called Mike Somani, who evidentially goes to the same barber as Larry Zbyszko. As was the style at the time, Larry Nelson handles the ring introductions and cocaine sniffing duties while Rod Trongard (who sounds like he's been hitting the Riunite pretty hard during the taping) and the husky throated, pea brained Lee Marshall in charge of the broadcasting duties.

Other proposed, but ultimately scrapped, titles for this post derived from the citation rich commentary of Trongard & Marshall included: Rocky Mountain Thunder: Giant of a Man; Rocky Mountain Thunder: Great, Great Guy; Rocky Mountain Thunder...Don't Keep No Dirty Socks in that Gunny Sack; Rocky Mountain Thunder: He Doesn't Wear Any Shoes (For Crying Out Loud)!!!; Rocky Mountain Thunder...Wants to Play by the Rules; Rocky Mountain Thunder: C'Mon Let's Get It On; Rocky Mountain Thunder: Let's Go Big Fella!; Rocky Mountain Thunder: Very Gracious Man; and Rocky Mountain Thunder's Bear Hug: YIKES!


The Rev. von Fury said...

R.M.T. for Me!
R.M.T. for Me!!

the rev.

Larry's Beard said...

You should check out Larry Nelson's MySpace page. The shit's pretty funny.