Friday, May 28, 2010

What'choo talkin' 'bout, Jeff Jarrett

Considering the life of Gary Coleman is seemingly in its last throes, it seems fitting to throw this unfortunately albeit prophetically titled clip ("Gary Coleman Dies") up on the ol' Facebuster of Arnold Jackson saving That '70s Guy Mike Awesome from string instrument related injury and humiliation at the hands of WCW's resident The Gooch Double J Jeff Jarrett.

That's correct. This action emanates from Double U C Double U in its dying days. Not TNA! in its present dying days...although I completely understand how you would confuse the two as they are analogous in their inanity, nonsense, and overall unwatchability.

As comeuppance for kneeing another man in the groin, Coleman gets his skull cracked by Double J and his trusty easy break guitar...the very same guitar that he was able to prevent Jarrett from using on The Fat Chick Thriller.

For all its overbooking and dysfunction, WCW sure knew how to convey irony.

Update: While composing this post, Gary Coleman passed.

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