Friday, June 06, 2008

The Female Rocky Mountain Thunder

Normally, I balk at posting up You Tube clips on Th' Facebuster that are of a 4 minute or greater duration out of consideration to your interwebs connection speed, valuable time, and fluctuating attention spans with regard to pro wrestling related matters. But seeing as how I've just discovered a female grappler whose ring skills, psychology, and craftsmanship are on-par with disheveled hobo Rocky Mountain Thunder I decided to break with this tenet.

The woman in question: country bumpkin and farm whore Brandi Mae, who we join in progress challenging the reigning AWA ladies champion and right pant-legless Medusa Miceli (pre-DDD implants) for the strap. Accompanying Medusa is Curt Henning. Rod Trongard and Lee Marshall call the action. Worry not, Larry Nelson's flailing limbs and feral facial hair will eventually enter into the picture.

For those that don't want to sit and/or sift through the entire six+ minutes in hopes of seeing what I find so preposterous about clip, allow me to direct your attention to the following sections:

1:05-1:15: Brandi Mae's apprehension in taking a suplex and her inefficient kick-out, which leads to firm slap of her ass by the irritated Medusa. "Well well well" sez Trongard.

1:22-1:31: A slow developing an awkward looking take-down sequence.

2:30-236: An arm twist spot featuring Mae delivering a punch to Medusa's kidneys.

2:50: Feeblest. Looking. Clothesline. Ever.

3:05: That body slam was pretty poor as well.

3:20: Brandi Mae rolls through the finishing roll up, which leads to another admonishing ass slap (!!!) from Medusa and a pinning sequence that leaves no doubt her frustration and annoyance with the hapless Mae.

3:45: Anywhere that there is injustice, so too is Rocky Mountain Thunder!

4:45: After negotiating ten feet worth of microphone cord, the red cumber bun attired Larry Nelson asks the slack jawed yokels some probing questions.

5:25: Rocky Mountain Thunder makes some run-of-the-mill and non-intimidating threats towards Curt Henning and his cheating ways.

Or just go ahead and watch the whole thing. Seeing as how this aired last night on espn CLASSIC, I might need to park buckle myself in front of the comforting glow of the ol' Westinghouse this evening in hopes of some mixed tag team action!

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