Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Big Shew Undergoes Surgery

And surprisingly it is not of the gastric bypass variety!

According to Dave Meltzer, The Big Shew underwent an emergency MRI last night as the result of damage sustained to his left eye after triumphing in the Singapore canes on a pole fatal five way between former ECW Heavyweight Champions to determine the #1 contender to this prestigious title currently held by Kane with the winner getting a title shot against "The Big Red Machine" at the upcoming Night of Champions pay per view on Sunday night's One Night Stand sports entertainment spectacular.

In the incongruous parlance of Mike Adamle, "There's no question about that." However, there are fundamental questions regarding how long Shew will be out of action, if he will need to undergo any additional surgical procedures, who will be anointed as the newest top challenger for the ECW Title (I foresee a rematch tonight between Morrison, Chavo, Punk, and Dreamer contested under extreme rules with the winner -- my money's on John Morrison going over thanks to the outside interference of The Miz and a mildly discomforting cookie sheet shot to the groin of the "Innovator of Violence" -- claiming the #1 contender mantle), and how many times Adamle exclaims in wonderment, "have mercy?"

Tune into Arabian Facebuster during tonight's episode of the ECW on Sci-Fi for answers to none or quite possibly some of these questions.

Oh, and for those of you not fortunate enough to fork over $39.95 of your hard earned cash or three hours of your precious time to watch Shew once again bleed a giant bag of that beautiful blood, a meticulously detailed iconographic recap of Sunday's pay per view is available for your viewing pleasure here and here.

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