Wednesday, August 04, 2010

AFSC&FC v4.5

Arabian Facebuster is proud to announce that we are convening a mini Staff Conference and Fan Conclave, brought to you in part by Bu$ted and Camo Black Ice High Gravity Lager. In just two short weeks, Sexy Action News Team members Pencil Neck Geek and yrs truly Malibu Sands will travel to the secessionist militia, nativist, and Tea Partier with a hard to kick meth habit mecca otherwise known as Northern Idaho for a weekend of conviviality, sporadic personal hygiene upkeep, bouts and periods of shirtlessness that would cause The American Starship members Eagle and Coyote to blush, and IPW appreciation (Woops, I meant the home promotion of warriors like Tony The Spider and orators with the rarefied command, fluency, and fluidity of the English language a la Jumpin' Jeff Farmer, International Pro Wrestling).

To commemorate this rural retreat, Arabian Facebuster is once again pulling together its very own line of canned beer koozies for purposes of beverage temperature control and self-congratulation and appreciation of all that we add to the inebriated virtual professional rasslin' conversation!

Buy just one or collect all 11!
  • Arabian Facebuster: Home of the Hogan Family Death Pool
  • Insert Greenie Here
  • Arabian Facebuster: Knows Where Tony The Spider is Puttin' 'Em
  • Arabian Facebuster: Larry Nelson Binge Drinks Here
  • My Other Can of Beer is a Library Book
  • Arabian Facebuster: Where Complete Irreverence Meets Total Irrelevance
  • Gone Honkeytonkin'
  • Arabian Facebuster: Throwing a Fireball into the Face of Sportz Entertainment
  • I ♥ Cabin Fatties
  • My Other Koozie is a Teenie Hulk Hogan Pillow
  • Arabian Facebuster: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Tully Blanchard Enterprises Incorporated


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Rejected Koozie Slogans include:

Arabian Facebuster: We Hate Public Pools

Offical LinLie Wedding Swag

You're Doing Good, Bud!

5 Cent Can Deposit = Harley Race Bounty Donation

Scott Hall Has My Other Koozie

Am I Late for the Boogie Man Jam?

Arabian Facebuster: #2 Google Hit for "Gym Bag Crapping"

Malibu Sands said...

Other ultimately scrapped Koozies include:

Arabian Facebuster: Buck Zumhofe Stole My Tie;

Arabian Facebuster: Fears The Gunny Sack;

My Koozie Costs More Than Yr House;

Arabian Facebuster: Hulkamania Dies Here.