Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Samoa Joe: Insubordinate

(What would Kobashi have to say about these developments!?!?)

File this under Reason #1,625 I hope that TNA fails and/or Stupid Goddamn TNA, Ctd...Petty, puerile, and punitive sanctions over a complaint that, on the surface from a logic and realism in yr wrestling product perspective, seems to have validity.

Quoth The Observer:
-- Samoa Joe is currently serving a one month suspension based on his vocally complaining at the tapings a few weeks back about them doing time calls during his television match with Jeff Hardy, saying it telegraphed they were going to a time limit draw.
If this leads to (a) Joe quitting the company; (b) the scrapping of the long pants and returning to the classic bicycle shorts look; and (c) Ring of Honor finding a way to sign and book him and Danielson Bryanson in a sure to be unforgettable series of matches (think Ring of Honor's answer to Flair-Steamboat 1989), then I'm all for it!

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