Thursday, August 12, 2010


Jerry "The King" Lawler sings parodied lyrics over a Ray Parker Jr back beat with footage of Randy Savage making wild hand gestures, The King firing right hands at the craniums of the likes of Jimmy Hart, Andy Kaufman, and some blond woman an unidentified bikini clad lass (who is presumably not the same blond woman that Lawler lays waste to), Jimmy Valiant boogie and/or woogieying, and Lance Russell delivering impassioned plea for wimpbuster assistance interspliced throughout.

Oh, and what appears to be a cameo by shirtless homoerotic heartthrobs The New Generation at the 3:44 mark to boot!?!?

Great rasslin' vignette. Or the GREATEST RASSLIN' VIGNETTE!?!?

Watch clip. Marinate take.

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