Friday, August 27, 2010

Prescient Observations from an Angry White Guy

Bill Watts is many things. Former professional rasslin' hoss. Owner of the Mid South Sports territory (later of course renamed the Universal Wrestling Federation). Self described cowboy. Proud American. Patriotic American. God loving and fearing American. Xenophobic American. White American. Male American. Angry American.

VERY ANGRY American.


So what exactly is Bill Watts all irate about? Everything. Terrorism. Crooked politicians. The economy. Globalization. Foreign exports. Emigration. The promise of the non Dusty Rhodes version of The American Dream deferred and in many cases unfulfilled. General Skandor Akbar. The guy's like a freaking one man Tea Party, albeit without clothing (made in Vietnam) garishly decorated with American flags, the virulent bordering on seditious anti-Obama rhetoric, or round-the-clock coverage from the provocateurs, flame throwas, kowtowers, and alternative reality generators masquerading as journalists on FOX News.

But what really gnaws at Bill Watts' ten gallon cowboy hat covered craw...Russians. Specifically, Russians who hold six man world tag team championships.

God damn right.

Bill Watts is mad is hell and he isn't going to take it any more. If he can't take this country back and return it to its former mythic glory, then he is damn sure going to do the next best thing, kick some steroid injected Commie ass and reclaim those six man titles for America.

Give 'em hell Cowboy Bill Watts.

Give 'em hell.

Please also file this post and Bill Watts' livid rant and impassioned call to action under Why We Watch, Exhibit N.2

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