Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Videos (CrockettMania Edition)

It's been quite a month of rasslin' action here at Arabian Facebuster, thanks to the inspired and incendiary combination of cheap beer, cabin fatties, more cheap beer, vomit, and Friday Night Videos. We've witnessed The Mulkey Bros get roughed up in both tag team and singles action. We've admired Bruiser Brody's unwavering commitment to batter opponents, even when confronted by a hotheaded and senile old man with criminal intent on the brain and his revenge minded and pallid skinned son. We've marked out at some vintage National Wrestling Alliance Great American Bash '87 era footage. And we've marveled at Stan Hansen's propensity for brutality and thuggery and his tag team partners' inclination towards familiarity and laziness.

It's time to bring Friday Night Videos to a close with a tag team battle that originally aired on NWA Worldwide Wrestling in the Fall of 1985 pitting Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson of The Rock and/or Roll Express against Mike Davis and Tommy Lane of The Rock and/or Roll RPM's to determine which team truly embodies the spirit of rock and/or roll!!! Judging by the rock and/or rollishness of their entrances -- The Express coming into the arena to a synth pop with country twang sensibilities tune and the high pitched squeals and adulations of the teenie boppers in attendance, The RPM's presumably walking out to no music and little fanfare -- I am expecting a time limit draw.

While the match itself is brief albeit a totally solid example of 1980s tag team wrestling (when top tier tag team combinations like The Rock and Roll Express actually wrestled/performed as a synchronized, cohesive unit), David Crockett's in full-effect frenzied, cliche ridden, and dotting play-by-play stylings make this clip rise to a status worthy of showcase and appreciation. While not quite the caliber of a chance encounter with The American Starship in terms of David's inability to moderate the volume or inflection of his own voice...or for that matter the erectness of his own penis...this clip does feature some choice Crockettisms.

So I encourage you to follow David's feral and impetuous directive to WATCH 'EM! David would undoubtedly describe yr cooperation as a GOOD MOVE!!! GOOD MOVE!!!

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