Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Videos (GAB Edition)

As I'm sure none of you recall, last July Arabian Facebuster proudly presented Great American Bash Fridays, our nostalgic look back at the matches, angles, feuds, personalities, and blood loss that made the National Wrestling Alliance's annual Great American Bash summer tour and pay per view extravaganza during the mid to late 1980s (1985-1989 to be precis...most certainly NOT the subsequent iterations) one of the biggest events in professional rasslin' and the pinnacle of yrs truly Malibu Sands' markishness and fandom.

Much like chocolate and peanut butter, Randy Mulkey and Bill Mulkey, Laverne and Shirley, low level pot dealers and harsh mandatory minimum sentences, Buck Zumhofe and unwanted and gently soiled neck ties, Tony Jaros greenie's and inebriation, Gino Hernandez and cocaine, Ross Perot and James Stockdale, and bacon and everything, Arabian Facebuster has got its own seamless winning combination: Friday Night Videos and Great American Bash Fridays!

That's right: Friday Night Videos and Great American Bash Fridays. Cabin fatties and Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant. Cheap beer and Shaska Whatley. Drunk driving and Tully Blanchard. Bar fights and Magnum T.A.


At last.

The result of this fusion: The clip you see here featuring further exploits and developments in the whole Flair vs. The Garvin Bros. quarrel which lead up to the Great American Bash 1987 card in Greensboro that featured Ric Flair defeating "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin in a steel cage and winning a dream date with Garvin's valet Precious.

The incidnet in question is of the tag team variety, with Flair and Lex Luger -- with James J. Dillion in their corner -- taking on Jimmy and Ron Garvin -- with Precious in theirs -- in the main event of the NWA's Saturday night flagship program World Championship Wrestling, circa June 1987. While brief in duration, the clip is packed with action : The attempted kidnapping of Precious by J.J. The returning of Precious thanks to the cajoling of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and his Communist wingman Nikita Koloff. The awesome purple trunks white boots rasslin' attire combination of one "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. The jettisoning of ugly, ugly looking referee Scrappy McGowan. Flair's futile efforts to propel himself airborne. The rigid and Nestea plunge bumping techniques of The Total Package. And the unofficial pinning of the NWA Champion's shoulder via the Brainbuster suplex.


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