Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Night Videos (Brodymania Edition)

Facebuster Nation: Hopefully you have the requisite case of canned, domestic cold beer, high speed internet connection, the rosiest cheeked, plumpest stomached and widest bottomed of cabin fatty, freezer full of Mr. P's pizza (assorted varieties), and two sugar bowls -- one filled to the brim with cocaine, the other with prophylactics (assorted varieties) -- in order to enjoy another DOUBLE SHOT of Friday Night Videos...this week featuring a slightly more imposing, sinister, ruthless, rugged, credible, and exceptional professional rasslin' artisan compared to the brothers Mulkey...

...Bruiser Brody.

God damn right.

Clip No. 1 features Brody taking on a jobber by the name of El Exotico who appears to be some kind of Spanish in Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council promotion, circa 1987/88. Brody's trademark volatility, bellowing, and mangy whiskers are on full display here during his brutalization of this jamon n' huevo-er before, during, and after the bell. Further augmenting the multicultural flare is the fact that the commentary is dubbed in Japanese. Enjoy.

Clip No. 2 is culled from the American Wrestling Association in early 1986 and features a wild post match scrum between Brody, his manager Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie, bland amateur wrestling background babyface sensation Brad Rheingans, dysfunctional Gagne family patriarch Verne, and his prodigal son Rambo. Brody delivers an absolutely SICK looking boot and pile driver to Greg at the :43 and 1:05 mark, respectively, before daddy bum rushes meanders down to the ring to bail his son and Mr. Rheingans out of quite the jam they have gotten themselves into by summoning the dreaded GAGNE FAMILY TEMPER and unleashing a barrage of fists and meekly delivered chair shots.

Hopefully now you can fully appreciate the hurt that Helmut Guttman endured.

A bonus bland, long winded Greg Gagne babyface promo (is there any other kind, really?) follows.

The legendary Bruiser Brody. Greg Gagne getting his ass kicked then cutting a serious and determined promo in a flesh colored sweater. What's not to love about this clip!?!?

As an aside, I attended this card live and in person at the old Saint Paul Civic Center (where the Xcel Energy Center now rests) with Papa Sands and marked out as only a 10 year old could when the mask was ripped off to reveal King Kong Brody (not that it was particularly difficult to surmise it was Brody based upon the height, size, and crazy beard hair protruding underneath, but gimmeee a break, I was only 10!!!).

Check back next week, hopefully even more inebriated and with an even chunkier cabin fatty draped on yr arm entire body, for another installment of Friday Night Videos!

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