Saturday, January 27, 2007

Train Wreck!

Any predictions for the Unky Vince's Schmoz-Fest Supreme tomorrow? Pencil Neck Geek hereby pledges a half-rack of Iron City to the person with the most correct picks (including free shipping, Malibu) and a 40 oz. of Hamms to anyone who correctly selects the Rumble winner. Hell, if we're gonna subject ourselves to this steaming turd, we might as well make it interesting.

And if this guy wins, we riot in the streets.


Apollo Spas said...

Okay, here's my Ballot For The Beers:

MNM Beats the Hardys, possibly causing some sort of fake injury to the slender Hardy.

How dumb are the ECW writers? Very dumb. Test beats Lashley in a bid for some cheap heel heat.

Bats beats Kennedy. Unfortunately.

Cena beats Umaga. These two bloodbags better work HARD in this match.

Undertaker wins th' Royal Rumble. I sure hope I didn't lose myself a tasty beer by not backing HBK.

Anonymous said...

Malibu Sands here (having a login issue)...

1. MNM over the Hardy's. Not surprisingly, Matt Hardy gets pinned. Expect a rematch between these two teams at WM 23 (TLC, perhaps), as the writers clearly can't come up with anything better for them to do.

2. Lashley over Test. Clean. Again. This is made into an extreme rules match at the last minute. EC-dub! EC-dubb! Expect a long wait at the concession stands during this one. Post-match run in and POUNCE by Monty Brown.

3. Kennedy over Batista by countout. Undertaker and Batista brawl on the outside, giving Kennedy the cheap W.

4. Cena uses all the plunder at his disposal to withstand Umaga. Lots of interference by Coach, Khali, and Estrada in this one.

5. Shawn Michaels wins the rumble. Final five: HBK, Undertaker (eliminatd thanks to outside interference by Batista), Edge, Orton, and Finlay. Khali, assuming he's entered, eliminates the most guys.

I can already taste the deliciousness that is Iron City!

Pencil Neck Geek said...

Um, ok... MNM, Lashley (ugh), Batista (good call on the countout Malibu), Cena, and Edge.

I'd take Michael's in the Rumble, but I doubt the other half of the Hamm's 40 would taste too good by the time it arrives in Minnesota.

Rev. vonFury said...

- Do you really believe in a boyhood dream? San Antonio Texas does, my lambs, and thus it will be so... Ten years after he was "born again" it all begins again, my Heart will Break if the HBK doesn't make it all the way!!!

- I cant wait to see either (!or most hopefully both!) of these ethnic broadbrushes paint thesquared circle canvas crimson with their BLOOD!!! But in all truth, Umaga makes even standing look difficult and labored, so can he truley be the Last Man Standing? Let's watch!

- Miiiiiiiiissssssssssttttttteeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr........

- Who's this Lashley guy? And why is he at the top of my power 25?!? Testes, testes,Testes is the Bestees! And Malibu, yes, I beleieve with you that we all must hopefully be visited by a mighty POUNCE to give this one any relevance...

- It will be revealed that instead of the traditional Money in the Bank match at WM 23, these four shrill screm inducing Heart Throbs will face each other in a Reconstructive Surgery Makeover on a Pole match. Mercury, of course now needs a new nose, Nitro needs a new finisher, Matt a personality, and Jeff a Gastric Bypass restrictor plate...

-Team RKO will face some midgets or something that resembles DX but in midget form, or something to do with midgets. But Randy will NOT be playing chess with any midgets...Perhaps these two will work together to spill many a jobber from the Rumble before turning on each other like A PACK OF WILD DOGS!!!

- The Iron City will be defeated handily in an Iron- Tall-Boy Match vs. The Hamms as their respective champions the BGV and Dude Frat facing off in an first-ever Blogspot Live Webcast Spectacular on WrestleMania Sunday!!!!! Sunday!!!!!!! Sunday!!!!!!!!!

The Rev.

Malibu Sands said...

My predictions were way off. No Iron City for me!

Anonymous said...

what do those street lights look like?