Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, I guess we can all quit wondering where Monty Brown was gonna turn up. He's on ECW, that lucky boy!
This is a tremendous career upgrade for
the Alpha Male. He's traded a 1.1 Nielsen Rating for a 1.4 Nielsen Rating. He's traded wrestling Rhyno and Samoa Joe for... Test. Or perhaps Bob Holly (if he's lucky).

He's also traded his OWN NAME for the ridiculous moniker "Marquis Cor Von" (pronounced, inexplicably, as "Marcus"). While this seems silly, it's actually not a bad move, considering Vince McMahon's draconian attitude toward copyright law. Vince is, after all, the reason poor Kurt Angle can't say the phrase "It's true" without being tossed straight in the pokey.

My only real beef with Monty's New Name (that's going to be the title of the first book from Arabian Facebuster's new children's imprint, and we'll sue your balls off if you steal it) is that I'm confused by its etymology. Is it French? Portugese? South African? That would sort of make sense, since Monty's s'posed to be all "straight-out-the-veldt" and shit, but Monty's diction is so CLEARLY of American Jock Douchebag derivation that the whole thing leaves me UTTERLY confused.

Ah, well. The end result is that we've got one more halfway decent wrestler toiling away in the ECW wasteland. I hope he has fun jobbing to Kevin Thorn.

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