Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Why We Watch, Exhibit R.2

Seeing as how the YouToo of Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard waylaying Marry Fernandez in da Facebuster's original Gino tribute post has mysteriously vanished, not unlike a garden variety leftist political activist during the height of Chilean President Pinochet's reign of terror, yrs truly Malibu Sands has decided to take it upon myself to right this horrible wrong.

And seeing as how I suspect the threat of legal action by World Wrestling Entertainment as the impetus for the disappearance of each and every of these virtual snippets of professional rasslin' history, I'm going to go ahead and embed one of their own copyrighted clips, assembled for their recent World Class Championship Wrestling/Von Erich DVD and featuring a montage of "The Handsome Half Breed" -- along with his Dynamic Duo version 2.0 tag team partner/running buddy Chris Adams -- talking the streak, driving fast cars, hanging with loose women, strutting around with title belts on his arm, beating up various Von Erichs, and "blinding" his long-time partner (which was the last match/angle he was involved in before being found dead in his apartment of a suspicious cocaine overdose [Gino loved the cocaine]).

Of particular attention is the altercation at about the 52-56 second mark between Gino and a rough n' tumble, grizzled fan in the crowd. Gino has some words with the roughneck rube and proceeds to knock the mesh hat right off his head. Embarrassed by a cocky young punk (and one with a Spanish surname at that!) in front of a raucous Anglo-Christian Sportatorium crowd and worldwide syndicated viewing audience, the hoss rises to his feet, pissed off, and ready to fight...or at least retrieve his hat. Although buffered by security, without hesitation Gino turns back to the guy, sizes up his jib, looks him square in the eye, gives him the point, proceeds to unleash a cocaine fueled verbal lashing, and then walks back to the dressing room area confidentially and unbothered.

Gary Hart was right...Gino had big balls.

The only downsides is that the editors (who, despite doing a bang up job, I'm sure never watched a day of vintage WCCW in their lives) dub over the original audio from all the interviews and matches with a generic bittersweet nu southern rock anthem. Instead of the Titan Towers preselected soundtrack, I strongly suggest muting the volume on the clip above and playing this San Pedro punk rock ditty over Gino's gloriously dickish antics.

You're welcome.

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