Monday, March 08, 2010

Trial and Error

Two stories over the weekend that caught my eye and that warrant a passing mention here at Arabian Facebuster. First, a trial date has been set in Weight Room Gate:

A former Cretin-Derham Hall weight-room supervisor is scheduled to go on trial July 12 on two counts of third-degree criminal-sexual conduct.

Gail Gagne, 27, of Bloomington is accused of having sex with a male student who worked under her supervision in the weight room one summer.

Judge Richard Scherer will hear the case. He also entered a not guilty plea on her behalf as she stood before him Friday.

If Rod Trongard had penned this blurb, he no doubt would have noted that Judge Richard Scherer is a 235 pounder hailing from Minneapolis, MN. And if things don't go Gail's way, I hope Gail's father Greg will bum rush the bench and disrupt the proceedings with some feeble rock and log tossing.

Next a couple of blurb's about TNA and the Hulkster in Da Chico's Saturday update:
-- Morale, obviously, is way down in TNA. Just one person after another astounded by Thursday night's Impact. They not only did a terrible job building up Monday, and keep in mind they have at least three surprise names set to debut on that show that they didn't plug at all, but they did zero to build up the Destination X PPV. The whole show was about building up Hogan, and they couldn't even build him up as a killer, they built him up as an old cripple who shouldn't be in the ring.

-- I should also note, as it has been pointed out to me today, that the Hulk Hogan angle doesn't make any sense at all. Hogan claims he was called out, punked out and challenged, and that he has to do this match on Monday to get his self-respect back. What actually happened was that AJ and Flair attacked Abyss last week and Hogan took it upon himself to come out and make the save. He threw the first punch, and then after he got beaten up he was the one who challenged the heels and booked himself in the match. So he wasn't called out or challenged, and he was punked out because of something he did on his own. Not to mention I still have absolutely no idea why Hogan bloodying up and destroying Ric Flair is supposed to make us want to see their match on Monday. The babyfaces already got their revenge and completely destroyed the heels, so what are they wrestling for?
It's gratifying to see TNA reap what it has sown.

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