Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stakes Is High...The Stakes

Hogan wheel spinning commences in 10 minutes. Here are the stakes:
1. Indecent Exposure -- Procure a Hulk Hogan item of clothing (tee-shirt, hat, bandanna, etc). Wear it out in public. Twice. Take a picture of you wearing it out in public, twice. Post both pictures.

2. Hulk Hogan Film Festival: Thunder In Paradise (the movies, not the tv show). Pick one of the three to watch and recap.

3. Hulk Hogan Film Festival, Part Deux: Suburban Commando, Three Ninjas, No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny, Secret Agent Club. Pick two of the five to watch and recap.

4. Father-Daughter Window Downer: Procure Hulk Hogan & the Wrestling Boot Band CD AND any Brooke Hogan full-length album. Play both albums loudly with your car or house window opened wide. Oh, and we need a music review too.

5. What Happened in Vegas Shoulda Stayed There: Wrestle Mania IX, Hogan "wrestles" twice with a whole lotta garbage in between. Watch it all and review it all.

6. Read It 'n Weep: Buy, read, and review Hulk Hogan's other book, "My Life Outside the Ring."

7. Teenie Tiny Hogan Pillow aka Hulk Hogan Slumber Party: For one night, you must sleep exclusively and solely on the tiny Hulk Hogan pillow. Post a picture of discomfort.

8.Hogan Knows Best? Rent/buy, view in its entirety (including all of the bonus materials), and recap any season of Hogan Knows Best (or Brooke Knows Best).

Game on.


Malibu Sands said...

Drawings held. Here are the results.

MITB (if one of your two assigned guys wins, you lose):
1. Carminson Frizerson: Kane and Jack Swagger.
2. Geek: Christian and Evan Bourne.
3. Von Fury: Drew McIntyre and Matt Hardy.
4. Malibu: MVP and Shelton Benjamin.
5. Bissoux: Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.

MITB (the stakes):
1. Carminson Fritzersn: Hogan Film Festival Part II.
2. Geek: Mini Pillow.
3. Von Fury: Thunder In Paradise.
4. Malibu: Hogan Film Festival Part II.
5. Bissoux (assuming you get yr picks in)...My Life Outside The Ring.

Stakes Is High, the picks (most incorrect picks pays the following price).
1. Carminson Fritzerson: Daddy-Daughter Window.
2. Geek: WM IX.
3. Hogan Slumber Party
4. Malibu: Daddy-Daughter Window.
5. Bissoux: Indecent Exposure

Bunny said...

My picks are in, I accept the wheels decision.

Sadly, as predicted I will not be watching live and instead will be sleeping soundly in my undertaker onesie in my hand crafted casket bed under my wwf duvet, snuggling my plush taker teddy whilst I listen to his entrance music on repeat.

tomorrow i'll download it all and create "fake wrestlemania" perhaps even with "fake live drawing" so forgive my absence as I will avoid any spoilers and results until my internet comes up with the goods.

Also the phrase "Daddy-Daughter Window" is so creepy, its already haunting me.

Glad the package was received, ENJOY!

Bissoux, over and out.