Thursday, January 14, 2010

Randy Orton: Spits Before He Shits

The bad news: The WWE Universe's favorite Holiday Inn Express room thrasher, gym bag defecator (complete with water bottle presumably to be used as a makeshift bidet), gay porn body/stunt double, terror watch list suspect, and all around iller Randy Orton has possibly run afoul of the law yet again and has definitely run afoul of decency and decorum.

Quoth Da Meltz:

A complaint was filed last night against WWE headliner Randy Orton on an assault charge as he was accused of spitting gum in he face of a 15-year-old when the fan asked Orton to pose for a photo with him.

The 15-year-old told police Orton spit his gum in his face and called him a profane word. The teenager had taken a photo of Orton in the parking lot at Kowloon's Restaurant in Sauguas, MA, on Friday night, a popular Chinese restaurant hangout of WWE wrestlers when they perform in Boston. He said Orton did that in reation to being asked if he could take a photo with him. Orton healdined a show that night at the T.D. Gardens with the Raw crew.

Saugus Police Lieutenant Leonard Campanello said that after Orton's action, the teenagers mother went to Orton about his actions, and Orton responded, "So sue me."

There was a third witness to the alleged altercation who police had contacted. Police have scheduled a hearing on a simple assault and battery charge and a clerk magistrate will determine if charges will be pressed.

The good news: Randy decided to express his righteous indignation at a pushy, pimple faced autograph seeker via verbal taunts and tirades and gum tossing instead of going ahead and evacuating his bowels in the mom's purse...or in the youngster's chest and/or mouth.

Facebuster Nation, what we've just witnessed is the maturation of Randy Orton.

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