Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Night Videos (Bonus Hungover Start to 2010 Edition)

Facebuster Nation: I hope you all followed the sage albeit long-winded advice of Barry "Dairy" Windham and had a safe, drinkin' and drivin' free New Year's holiday. I also assume you followed the directives of Charles Bukowski and "Hairy" Larry Nelson and drank yrselves into a state best characterized as occupying the space between impulsive and reckless decision making exuberance and blacked out oblivion.

And seeing as how many of you are just returning from an evening of hair of the doggin' it and fulfilling your New Year's Resolution by making out with a cabin fatty approximating a Brooke Hogan level of thickness in the men's room stall -- with her rolls of stomach fat and mammoth muffin top no doubt spilling out into the urinal area -- at the local tavern, I thought it appropriate to provide a *bonus* installment of Friday Night Videos, Arabian Facebuster's apportionment of actual non-sports entertainment contaminated professional rasslin' content to continue the industrious start to 2010.

Featured tonight is the conclusion of a Universal Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title Match circa 1986 between the team of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and Sting against Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton, The Fantastics. Jim Ross and possibly Hacksaw Jim Duggan (or is that the voice of the finest hoss in all of Oklahoma Dr. Death Steve Williams!?) commentate. The referee just so happens to be assigned this contest is Eddie Gilbert's father Tommy Gilbert, although I don't think it has any bearing on the outcome of this contest. And in the heel team's corner are Missy Hyatt and "Hollywood" John Tatum.

The behind the scenes back story here is just as compelling as the in-ring tag team action. In brief, Tatum and Hyatt arrived in the UWF via World Class Championship Wrestling (written with Bill Mercer's inflection running through my head). They were a couple both on screen and off. As part of the storyline, Gilbert and Tatum formed an alliance, eventually culminating in Hyatt dumping Tatum for Gilbert. In real life, events played out much the same as Missy "cheated" on John with Eddie, whom she eventually married a year or two later.

And just because the end of the clip promises you more Universal Wrestling Federation action, I'm going to deliver in the form of the conclusion of a six man tag featuring The Fantastics and The Missing Link with the sultry and very much sought after Dark Journey in their corner against Gilbert, Sting, and Tatum with Missy Hyatt in there's.

Oh, and that young lady in the crowd bopping to the Fantastics' music holding her overall clad son in one hand a Misty 120 in the other at the 3 minute mark epitomizes the fervent and vociferous ethos of professional rasslin' fandom -- provided that the booking and in-ring product isn't presented in an anodyne, static, apathy inducing, lowest common denominator appealing, intelligence insulting, and/or disproportionately whimsical, manner -- that for the last 3+ years Arabian Facebuster has so stridently championed, safeguarded, and vindicated.

I wonder if she's got a daughter!?

Enjoy. I'll be sure to resurrect this Friday Night Videos bit again before Arabian Facebuster closes up shop one year from now.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

The credits at the end of the show are a classy touch. Excellent matchmaking, Grizzly Smith!