Friday, January 22, 2010

Big White Asshole Runs Mouth/ Big Angry Black Woman Responds

Oh Whimsy! Thy name be TNA! Everybody's favorite overweight, overly privileged, Hulk Hogan Syndicated Sycophant, Bubba the Love Sponge really did it this time! Seems Bubba's got the size-seven man- jewels to say that which EVERYBODY's been thinking, but nobody's been SAYING when he 'Twatted his precient analysis of the goings ons in our Westernly Hemisphere with "F--- Haiti" this past weekend!

Oh Bubba, you silly sperm-soaked sponge, you! Seems not everybody was scrambling to align with your principled geopolitical stance in the T'un'Ehh backstage area, as one Awesome Kong took exception to your well-reasoned and thoroughly cogent analycezeeze, and saw fit to shut your fat cracker mouth with her whole-ham-hock- sized fists in a flurry of equally well reasoned rebuttals she thoughtfully entitled "This is for HAITI! (smack) This is for HAITI! (pow) This is for HAITI! (crack)"!

Not surprisingly, Bubba took to the airwaves to emplore his mouth-breathing, slack jawed army of AM-band enablers to admire his restraint and precesnse of "mind" in that he Chivalrously refrained (read: getting the shit-kicking beating his mother should have given him along time ago) from striking back at the offended Nubian. Seems Awesome Kong has been doing some fund-raising for the poor pols of Haiti, and she took Bubba's comments (and his later totally lacking half-assed apology) at their face value, and then returned said sentiments directly to Bubba's fat face.

Awesome Kong? Or The Awesomest Kong?!

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Malibu Sands said...

Bubba's physical appearance could best be categorized as a "Joey Buttofuco for the new millennium."

Although that facial contortion/expression being made by the Silver Fox (i.e. Anderson Cooper) whilst carrying a blood soaked Haitian child back to CNN's makeshift studio seems to align with Bubba's isolationist and xenophobic-rich sentiment.