Sunday, April 05, 2009

Teddy Hart: Where is He Now?

Back off, vultures. You'll get yr 'Mania recap when I sober up, and not a moment before.

In th' meantime, feast yr weary eyes on this madcap bit of gold from AAA Wrestling in Mexico. It is there that our beloved and long-suffering Teddy Hart has at last found sweet solace (tagging, at least intermittently, with our also-beloved and also-long-suffering Sabu!). It is also there that th' Univision Network is broadcasting directily into th' Pencil Neck Geek's brand spankin' new DVR unit! So while the rest of you suckers watch Mark Henry vs. Batista and Umaga in a Triple Threat Bra And Panties Match, th' Facebuster Massive will be soaking up some Grade-A International Flavor! Gravy!

Sorry about the editing on this clip, btw. It's bad enough to give WSX Fans fits (quiet down, you three), but what do you expect from a youtube clip of an eight man ladder match? Just drink another beer, it helps with the seizures.

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Malibu Sands said...

While there's a bit of flippity floppity floo here, that is negated by a whole lot of ladder related violence. It's like six money in the bank ladder matches (minus a dangling black briefcase) condensed into one contest(and then condensed down even further thanks to the pagan magic of video editing).

The significant issue arising from this carnage is as follows: Does Malibu Sands' cable and/or satellite provider carry AAA lucha libre!?!?!