Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh My God He's Going... to... PUKE!!!!

It's a damn tragedy that this cat (Teddy Hart of the legendary Hart Family, for those who slept) is apparently quite insane, 'cos he's one hell of a wrestler. I just watched him do his technical high-flying thing over at WSX, and he really deserves better than their twitch-editing malarkey.

Sure, he reportedly has to stop matches so he can run outside and vomit every now and then. Sure, he's the kind of nut who starts his own wrestling federation just so he can build platforms next to the ring so he can jump off of them. Sure, he randomly moonsaults of off cages AFTER HIS MATCHES ARE OVER. And yes, he did pick a fight with CM Punk in a restaurant that ended with Sabu (!) pulling Punk off of him.

The naysayers among you may argue that if Sabu is the voice of reason in your life, you're pretty much a raving lunatic. I would tend to agree, adding that there need to be cameras on this guy twenty-four-hours-a-day, because him puking is WAY more interesting than the guys from emo-core also-rans Sparta doing WSX commentary (no shit). Maybe Gary Busey can help him get religion or something. At the very least, Busey can keep that crap out of Hart's hair.

Next Week: The Clipse join the WSX broadcast crew. "Watch Heckler and Koch turn cops to martyrs," indeed.

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Malibu Sands said...

Teddy Hart, the Droz of 2007...minus the paralysis from the waste down.