Monday, April 12, 2010

Mulkeymania Reaches Its Zenith

Facebuster Nation: It's been far too long since we've featured the Manny Fernandez punishment taking and not working on cardiovascular conditioning exploits of the greatest mashed potato hued, purple trunked, twin brother jobber tag team with matching compact (and possibly bleached) mullets in the history of professional rasslin' -- Randy and Bill The Mulkey Brothers!

Culled from an episode NWA's flagship program World Championship Wrestling on TBS from a magical Saturday evening in late March, where The Mulkey's scored their first and only (televised or otherwise) pinfall victory over the "West Coast Tag Team Champions" The Gladiators...who I believe were actually Thunderfoots I & II but in different colored masks and unflattering body suits.

The match itself is only about one minute long. But what a minute it is with tag team chaos reigning as supreme as hideous looking referee and possible cousin to The Bros. Mulkey Scrappy McGowan is incapable of establishing any sort of law and/or order in the squared circle. The pinfall comes as a shock to the Gladiators, the Mulkey's, the studio audience, and even David Crockett, who's shit eating grin is set on "Astonished" during the post-match interview featuring Randy and Bill flailing their limbs in disbelief, uttering some underdog triumphs in spite of the odds cliches and on-liners, and catching their breath after that 60 second mat classic.

Please also file this post under Why We Watch, Exhibit U.2 aka Ode to the Jobber.

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The Rev. von Fury said...

The underutilzement of these two greats known simply as the Mulkey Brothers is crimminal. Their natural athleticism, boyish good looks, and deep repertoire of ring psychology puts today's superstars to shame.

For Shame, Superstars. For Shame.