Friday, February 26, 2010

Jimmy Valiant Hits the Beach

In the spirit of cross pollination, in order to shamelessly plug Aimee, Tim and I's American Idol blog and the prolific output that has been generated over the past couple of weeks, and inspired by the manner in which this post by Super Songle was formulated, I am going to offer up a stream of consciousness/internal dialogue take on/reaction to this music video of Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant I stumbled upon to hopefully facilitate a spirited discussion on its numerous teachable moments.

:05: Well, hello! What do we have here?!?!
:07: Is Jimmy The Boogie Woogie Man Valiant playing an air ukulele? Or more specifically, a hat ukulele? And what does he or that profoundly lame act have anything to do with said beautiful woman lounging around at poolside? I suspect this will all tie together if we just keep watching.
:12: Ah!
:16: Jimmy Valiant's goofy walk (He's WALKIN!!!) and facial contortions are like a Buck Zumhofe, Baron Von Raschke, Da Crusher, and The Bushwhackers stew that is in dire need of seasoning. I have no idea what that means either, but since it's a Stream of Consciousness/Internal Dialogue Reax, let's just move on...
:18: Who are those shirtless guys?
:24: I get that Jimmy Valiant has rhythm-n-soul and understands the plight and struggle of the black man in ways that the rest of us white breads cannot. But what's the deal with that clean shaven, middle aged white guy in the short sleeved dress shirt clapping away?
:27: She's WALKIN!!!
:32: Jimmy Valiant appears to be trapped in the back of an RV.
:38: More lovely ladies WALKIN!!!
:43-1:03: Cue stare and point montage in front of various forms of transportation.
1:08: I think Valiant just scored some cocaine from R.L. Burnside.
1:16: Based on the street signs indoors, I would surmise that Jimmy Valiant is at TGI Fridays.
1:35: I'm seeing quadruple...16 Jimmy Valiant's!
1:39: Voyeur time.
1:53: Now that's a rasslin' music video! Take that The New Generation and Superstar Bill Dundee. Me thinks Jimmy Valiant is the undisputed king of this long forgotten but highly entertaining art form.

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