Monday, February 22, 2010

The Emasculation of Ric Flair Continues

BREAKING NEWS of the BU$$$TED variety courtesy of F4W, highlighted below in purple, my preferred Flair tights-robe-boots color coordinated combination:
Flair's wife arrested in domestic dispute

The Charlotte Observer at has a story on a misdemeanor assault arrest of Jacqueline Beems Fliehr, 41, the new wife of Ric Flair.

Police received a domestic violence call at 11:40 p.m. last night at the couple's home. The police report stated Ric Flair suffered minor visible injuries, claimed to be from the "hands, feet and teeth" of the accused, but refused to go to the hospital for treatment. The report indicated the incident took place as the two were returning home after dinner.

The two were married on 11/11 and used the Flair vs. Hogan wrestling tour of Australia as their honeymoon.

My thoughts on this scandalous story are as follows:
1. To be the man, you gotta beat the man.
2. Were the visible injuries caused by a series of sustained blows, or from the Flair Flop and blade job that inevitably followed?
3. Odds that Jacqueline and Ric will be asked to reprise/recreate this incident for the TNA Impact Zone cameras and audience at Universal Studios, Orlando FL...1:1. Odds that, on that very same episode of TNA Impact, it will be revealed that Jacqueline had been carrying on an affair the whole time with Eric Bischoff: 3:2. Odds that, on that very same episode, Ric Flair will make a major "major announcement" announcing his retirem...SWERVE...announcing that he too has been carrying on an affair...with both of The Beautiful the same time!...together!!...while "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash videotaped it!!!: 3:1.
4. Since when did camping mats constitute a domicile?
5. Based on their common diversions and pursuits, she needs to divorce Flair, take all of his money (78 dollars and 93 cents by my last count) and shack up with Bottom Line ASAP.
6. Can't say I blame her one bit for reigning blows down upon her hubby...if I had to spend several weeks hanging near and/or with that egomaniac Hulk Hogan and his cadre of leeches and scoundrels, I'd have pummeled the shit out of 'Naitch too.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Hmmm, item #6 makes me wonder... what sort of Bu$ted worthy behavior might an individual be driven to after being forced to listen to the entirety of Hulk Hogan's autobigraphy on tape? I wonder...

Malibu Sands said...

Don't worry, I'm all over the Hulk Hogan autobiography on tape like shoes on Rocky Mountain Thunder...wait a second!!!