Friday, February 26, 2010

Like A Phoenix from the Ashes: Friday Night Videos

Facebuster Nation, the Friday Night Videos sabbatical is officially on hiatus! Yes sir, starting RIGHT NOW (well not right now, but whenever you get around to hitting the play button on the clip above) and running up until the granddaddy of 'em all and the centerpiece of this year's Staff Conference and Fan Conclave -- WrestleMania -- old-new rasslin' content of the rarest and choicest variety awaits.

You know the drill. It's Friday night. Head down to the tavern. Pound a few brews spliced with an occasional buttery nipple, cement mixer, and rusty nail. Identify, bring back to your place, and charm the moo moo off of the plumpest, most uninhibited of cabin fatty. I'm talking corpulence and circumference approaching King Kong Bundy or Round Mound of Sound Joe Pedicino territory.

Post coitus, while the cabin fatty is raiding your pantry and fixing a couple of sandwiches and 79 cent frozen pizzas (all of which are for herself), fire up the ol' computer and head on over to Arabian Facebuster for a needed and well deserved rasslin' fix before you start sobering up and the inevitable feelings of guilt, regret, and shame kick in. Don't worry about the stench or the secretions, for those will wash right off.

And speaking of King Kong Bundy, he, along with his tag team partner and music video protagonist "The Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant are the focus on tonight's edition. Their opponents, a couple of pale bump machines named Doug Vines (or Bines) and Randy Barber that are handled by the babyface duo with ease. While most of you know Valiant as a mainstay of the Mid Atlantic-Jim Crockett Promotions area, Bundy's stint in that territory consisted of a short-lived babyface run with little-to-nothing by way of memorable matches, feuds, titles, or other miscellaneous accomplishments to show for it, not unlike Rocky Mountain Thunder if he was bald, competed in a singlet, and had even a basic grasp of the vocation he was a participant in. He was World Wrestling Federation bound a short time later. Bundy that is. Not Rocky Mountain Thunder.

Johnny Weaver and the surprisingly cordial Tully Blanchard handle the commentary duties on this episode of NWA World Wide Wrestling from the Spring of 1984.


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