Friday, May 08, 2009

Jimmy Valiant Fears Stasis

Facebustermaniacs, it's been far too long since yr go to interwebs site for unapologetic Hulk Hogan and family exploits chastisement, Larry Nelson drinking problem admiration, Rocky Mountain Thunder whereabouts and gunny sack contents speculation, Randy Orton fecal matter in gym bag references, Teddy Hart documentary worship, Chyna and X-Pac erogenous zone descriptions, piss poor WrestleMania predictions, intoxicated live PPV coverage by members of our Sexy Action News Team, and Macho Man Randy Savage tasseled ring attire procurement has featured some -- with apologies to Buck Zumhoff -- good ol' fashion rock n' roll in our content.

That is until now...well not now as is now; but now as in whenever you get around to hitting play on and giving yr undivided attention to the clip above.

In the spirit of Bill Dundee, The Rock and/or Roll Express, the Wrestle Rock Rumble, and the flaming queens in the New Generation, Arabian Facebuster is proud to present another classic rasslin' video featuring the exploits of Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant in Memphis and the Carolinas, circa 1984. For the sake of posterity, these exploits would include goofy face makin', headbangin', hand clappin', dancin', watchin' airplanes take off and land at several points of observation, prostitute solicitin', clubberin' the likes of The Assassins (the rotund, masked gentlemen in the yellow & black bodysuits) and Ken Patera with an arsenal of meekly delivered forearms, punches, and elbow smashes...and of course boogie-woogin'!

Whatever the fuck that is.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

I must admit- as far as wrestling related musical compositions go, this is pretty much the jam.