Friday, February 12, 2010

Rocky Mountain Thunder: Lot of Thunder In That Right Forearm

Facebuster Nation -- I am proud to unveil two new activities to the already jam packed itinerary for the 4th Annual Arabian Facebuster Staff Conference and Fan Conclave: (1) descending upon the maximum security ward at the Friendship Village Retirement Community to taunt, provoke, or even cajole Verne Gagne into (all to easily arrived at) confused bed pan and/or feces hurling and the infuriated application of his trademark Gagne Sleeper on any and all nursing staff and fellow near death's door residents who dare cross his path; (2) poking a shoeless hobo passed out in a puddle of his own filth with a stick.

In the spirit of these endeavors, here is a clip of Rocky Mountain Thunder *cough* competing *cough* in Verne's American Wrestling Association against something called Kevin Collins (complete with a nifty fluffy mullet that I'm sure brought him a steady stream of whiskey tango poontang and thus the resentment of his fellow jobbers) and doing what he does best -- using a rope to keep his pants up, demonstrating his uncanny inability to cooperate to with his opponent AND not nearly cause serious injury with every collar and elbow tie-up, Irish whip, clothesline, and elbow smash, making a complete mockery of the professional wrestling craft, and sending Lee Marshall and Rod Trongard into a state of loquacious exhilaration and blabbering idiocy.

Post title honorable mentions include "What's In Rocky Mountain Thunder's Sack? He Isn't Saying!", "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Just A Roughhouser", "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Self-Described Scuffler", "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Has Got More For Ya", and "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Sez I Thank You".


The Rev. von Fury said...

I thought, I really really thought this might be the one.... until the 2:55 mark with that heinous back-almost-but- not-quite-breaker. Can the Scruffy Scuffler really not go 2 minutes without blowing a spot?

At least he was not blowing those blown kisses!

Malibu Sands said...

I believe there are only two new clips of RMT in action left to upload.

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you...

Pencil Neck Geek said...

"Rocky Mountain Thunder: Too, too much for Kevin Collins"

I'm sure things are busy out at the lumberjack camp, but I wonder if we could talk RMT into returning to the ring one last time? I'd love to see a fantasy booking against the Great Kahli.