Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Death of Extreme (the non-extreme version)

From Da Meltz and Da Chico via the interwebs home of da Apter mags:
On tonight's ECW television show [which was presumably last night's show], Vince McMahon announced that the ECW brand and television show will cease to exist in three weeks, and would be replaced by a new show.

He offered no details other than it would be the next evolution in WWE pro wretling television. It is believed the show will be named WWE NXT, according to

Thank fucking Christ that Vinny Mac found the good sense to finally pull the plug on this professional wrestling dishonor, monstrosity, and parody/mockery.

More intriguingly, it appears that this next/latest evolution in WWE pro wretling pro wrestling sportz entertainment programming is the elimination of vowels from its TV show titles!?! Will the rebranding of WWE Mndy Nght RW and Frdy Nght Smckdwn! soon follow? Or is the vowel just a concession to the Syfy network's idiosyncratic handle and geeks who have never come close to approaching anything that would even remotely qualify as a sexual magnetism let alone encounter with a persuasion of the opposite sex friendly corporate culture?

Most significantly, will we actually witness an evolution with regard to the content, target audience/demographic, look/feel of the show, and wrestling style or just more of the same bland, stale, safe, and too often homogenized/interchangeable characters, interviews/promos, storylines, matches, and programming format spruced up with a glossy new title, opening montage, late '90s era rap-metal fusion theme song, ring apron, and even more combustible and noisy pyro?

I strongly suspect it's the latter.

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