Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rocky Mountain Thunder: Looks Like Two Phone Booths (With Legs)

As we rapidly approach the end of 2009 -- the year of Rocky Peoples here at Arabian Facebuster -- it is once again time to pay homage to the two legged centaur with one gunny suck, zero wrestling acumen, and an incalculable predilection for scufflin' who ruled the proverbial Facebuster roost in 2008...and is poised to make a spectacular return to relevancy and the ongoing subject of our ridicule in 2010: The original bumbling and blundering "Rocky," Rocky Mountain Thunder.

Who was Rocky Mountain Thunder? Some say he was a misunderstood performance artist. Sort of a Andy Kaufman for the white trash survivalist set. Others claim he had his wallet stolen after a drug deal gone bad in Showboat Sports Pavilion bathroom and went to work wrestling for Verne Gagne's obsolete bordering on comatose AWA promotion in the Summer of '88 in order to procure bus fare back to Colorado. Judging by this clip of him sauntering around the ring while jobber Daryl Nickle bumps around like a maniac (or, in the warped perspective of Lee Marshall, gets thrown around the ring like a cabbage patch doll), he appears to be a talentless, easily winded lug with the most glaringly and alarmingly incompetent lack of pro wrestling fundamentals ever allowed to get inside, let alone within 20 feet, of a professional rasslin' ring, four or six sides notwithstanding.

Judge for yourself.

As customary, alternative post titles include: "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Awesome To Me In Size;" Daryl Nickle: Can't Move Rocky Mountain Thunder;" "Rocky Mountain Thunder: Has Made a Motion to the Crowd;" "Rocky Mountain Thunder: The Crowd Loves Him. And Well They Should;" and "Rocky Mountain Thunder: YIKES!"


The Rev. von Fury said...

"With those knees to the solarplexus...."

One wonders: In all the delightful RMT viewing of 'aught-nine, have we once actually seen the RMT not botch every spot in his 4-move match-ups?

Pencil Neck Geek said...

An impressive victory over the "well muscled" Nickle.

Ah, RMT... will we ever know ye well enough to know what these moves, motions, and maneuvers mean?