Monday, December 21, 2009

(Belated) Friday Night Videos

Facebuster nation, I know what yr thinking with regard the lack of a Friday night grappling viewing option...for you've been barraging me with letters and emails all weekend about how I dropped the ball this one below:

Dear Facebuster Sexy Action I-Team:

What the frick, guys!? I'm pissed! This past Friday, I did everything that brash, doobie smoking malcontent Malibu Sands suggested to optimize my Friday Night Videos viewing experience...I got fall down drunk at the local dive bar, picked up and bedded a 1/4 ton worth of fair skinned cabin fatty, grabbed my jean jacket and left immediately after the unprotected, profuse and surprisingly itchy sex on her water bed (although that could have been her stomach), hopped in my 1987 Plymouth Horizon and swerved home, parked my cherry ride carefully across my neighbor's lawn, stumbled inside my front door, opened my fridge, grabbed myself a tall boy, fired up the computer, and logged onto the interwebs in anticipation of some choice rasslin' action only to find that stinkin' picture of Jim Cornette and Mr. BBQ sauce still disgracing the top of the Facebuster homepage.

Please advise.


Toolie South
aka "Pure Evil" T-South Heart
Cody, Wyoming US of A
A thousand apologies are due to you, fine sir. Please accept the rasslin' reparations below in the form of "The Handsome Halfbreed" Gino Hernandez taking on Tom Pritchard (back when he only had his Masters degree) in a great little TV main event from Southwest Championship Wrestling (Joe Blanchard's territory based out of San Antonio) in the early 1980s. The clarity and color of this footage is just brilliant, as is the fast paced, high intensity back-n-forth action between these two ring technicians.

Enjoy. We'll be back Friday with some regularly scheduled Friday night video goodness.

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Pencil Neck Geek said...

Thank God you're back. I spent all Friday night clickin' on that picture of Jim Cornette tryin' to make the "YouToo" play.

Great clip!