Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RAW is Snore

Lemme get this straight...midgets leveling charges of discrimination then acting as judge, jury, and executioner against the Rowan and Martin of the WWE Universe Degeneration X...an arbitrary skit playing off the foibles and misfortunes of Elin and new found hero of Malibu Sands Tiger Woods...overrated, overpaid pretty boy outfielder Johnny Damon engaging in some whimsical, PG rated necrophilia with the cadaver otherwise known as Mae Young...IRS, Sgt Slaughter, Santino, and Chris Jericho ALL assuming the role of Kris Kringle (and presumably donning the same grimy Santa suit) with unforeseen, differing albeit consistently and equally unfunny results...Chris Masters in action against Carlito...DX making reparations to the midgets injured through its rampant culture of heightism by rescuing Hornswaggle, appointing him as their official mascot, and further cementing their status as the most profoundly uncool, purposeless, middle aged narcissists masquerading as middle aged nihilists super group since Oysterhead?!?!?

Sigh. December 2010 can't come quick enough.

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